So you might not know this, but I'm a country girl at heart. I grew up in a tiny town, then I moved to back woods no-town areas and am very comfortable when chickens are in the local grocery store parking lot and ya gotta drive an hour to get to the nearest populated area for supplies or cool kid stuff. I have lived in small cities a few times, like San Francisco, and that's a whole different blog topic. But, I have been planning on moving to LA once my lease is up here. 

One of the biggest reasons I want to move - the girls.

Friendships (and all the yummy naughty bits too). 

the pic above from left to right is Crystal Rayne, Jenna Foxx, me Amber Chase and Kimmy Granger.

Once I move to LA, I'll be able to spend a lot more time with my girls.

I can imagine inviting a few over, or having an amazing LA house warming party with all my sexy friends mmmmm. 

I'm super excited to be closer to the art world too. I read that LA is becoming the next big spot for the art world and that people from NY are filling up the art district etc etc. I'll be painting more and filming more and that is what I really would like.... how about you?